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van den Heuvel, M.I., Seuntjens, T., Lewis, T., & Zeelenberg, M. (in press). Greed in Children is Associated with Less Sharing Behavior. Current Psychology.


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Book Chapters

Application of the Third Generation of Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches to Parenting. Editors: Moreira, H., Potharst, E.S., Canavarro, M.C. Chapter 1. Relations between parenting-related issues and concepts from the third-generation cognitive-behavioral framework. Published article: Wong, K., Hicks, L.M., Seuntjens, T.G., Trentacosta, C.J., Hendriksen, T.H., Zeelenberg, M., & van den Heuvel, M.I. (2019). The role of mindful parenting in individual and social decision-making in children. Frontiers E-Book. Link